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International Baikal Nordic Games Festival - Winteriada 2004
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Event Calendar


Event Calendar Winteriada 2003

The Organizing Committee of Baikal Nordic Games Festival "Winteriada - 2004" expresses it's thanks to general sponsors:



Sport Events

Festival Opening Ceremony
Irkutsk city, nr. hydroelectric dam
Cross Country Ski Race (about 1 000 participants already listed for participation)
Irkutsk city, hydroelectric dam, skiing on the Angara river frozen surface, 1.5 km and 3.5 km, professional and amateur rounds
“Winteriada Cup” Snow Volleyball Tournament
Irkutsk city, nr. hydroelectric dam
Ice climbing championship
22.02 23.02.2004
Irkutsk city
Prize of Baikal Alpine Skiing Cup
Listvyanka settlement
Cross Country Ski Marathon
nr. Shelekhov, Ogonki stadium, 56 km (35 miles)
Baikal Winter Plain Air Chess Tournament (over 100 participants already listed)
29.02 08.03.2004
Tournament will be held in Irkutsk city. Open air final will take place during the festival closing ceremony on lake ice near hydroelectric dam
Winteriada-2004 Ice Skating Race (over 120 participants already listed)
06.03 07.03.2004
Irkutsk city, Trud Stadium
“Winteriada Cup” Mini-Football Tournament
Irkutsk city, nr. hydroelectric dam
Ice Skating Marathon across Lake Baikal
From Listvynka settlement to Tankhoi, 40 km (25 miles)
Baikal Kamchatka-2004 Ice Fishing Tournament
(over 150 participants)
20.03 21.03.2004
Small Sea Bay at Lake Baikal, 230 km (145 miles) from Irkutsk
Junior Alpine Skiing Cup
29.03 03.04.2004
Baikalsk, Alpine Ski Center
Festival Closing Ceremony
Irkutsk city, nr. hydroelectric dam

Special Events

Jeep Expedition
21.02 22.02.2004
Irkutsk – Lake Baikal (Listvyanka settlement) – Irkutsk. Finish nr. hydroelectric dam during Festival Opening Ceremony
Ice Trekking Expedition from south to north of Lake Baikal
21.02 03.03.2004
Sludyanka settlement – Severobaikalsk (635 km). Solo participant: Michel Gille (France). Organization and support by Green Express Travel Company
Ice Sculpture Contest
Irkutsk city, nr. hydroelectric dam
Orthodox Shrovetide Celebration
Taltsy (the open-air museum of wooden architecture), 47 km (30 miles) from Irkutsk. Annual Russian traditional Farewell to Winter Festival
International Tourism Exhibition “Baikal Tour-2004”
26.02 28.02.2004
Irkutsk city, SibExpoCenter
Ski Joring
28.02 29.02.2004
From Listvyanka settlement to Chernaya valley, on Lake Baikal ice surface
Dog Sledding Race
From Listvyanka settlement to Chernaya valley, on Lake Baikal ice surface, 20 km (12,5 miles).
Ice Scuba Diving
29.02 3.03.2004
Chernaya valley, Lake Baikal
Crossing Lake Baikal (Multi sport activity: bicycle, snowmobile, snowboarding, ski-joring)
13.03 14.03.2004
Kultuk settlement - Listvyanka settlement
Ice Walking Trips across Lake Baikal (from western to the eastern shore of Lake Baikal)
8.03 11.03.2004
Listvyanka settlement to Tankhoi, 40 km (25 miles)
Trans Baikal (across Lake Baikal on horseback)
11.03 14.03.2004
Buguldeyka village- Enkhaluk village
1st International Ice Yacht Expedition across Lake Hovsgul, Mongolia
25.03 01.04.2004

Irkutsk, Khankh, Khatgal, Ulaanbaator


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