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International Baikal Nordic Games Festival - Winteriada 2004
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Video Presentation

19 March 2004 "Winteriada-2004" 2nd International Baikal Nordic Games Festival
[2004-03-19] During the final press-conference Larissa Zabrodskaya, vice-head of Irkutsk region administration, informed that over 2 400 sportsmen participated in this year "Winteriada" Nordic Games festival.

First Announcement - 2nd International Baikal Nordic Games Festival Winteriada-2004
[2003-08-12] I am sure that the Festival will open up new perspectives for such a unique natural resource as Lake Baikal and the territories adjacent to it as well as it will enable this region to demonstrate its natural beauty, economic and cultural potential. Let the Baikal Winteriada Games become not just a competition in sports, but also be the festival of patriotism, mark the start of coming and flourishing of big tourism in our region.
Boris Govorin, Governor of Irkutsk Region

Ice Sailors Set Up World Record
[2003-04-10] International ice yacht expedition finished in Severobaikalsk in April 5 which was the final day of 1st International "Winterniada2003" Baikal Nordic Games Festival. Three ice-sailors (Alexander Kopylov, Novosibirsk, Daniel Lehman, Switzerland and Leonid Shubin, Listvyanka) set up a new world record: it had been for the first time ice-sailors crossed the water area of lake Baikal having sailed south to north more then 600 kilometers.

1st International Winteriada2003 Baikal Nordic Games Festival Organization Committee Held Closing Press Conference
[2003-04-07] 1st International Winteriada2003 Baikal Nordic Games Festival attracted 600 sportsmen from Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States and other countries and over 10 000 spectators. The festival program included 11 sport events and competitions held from March 8 to April 5. This had been a sound event for Irkutsk region and Russia as a whole.

1st International "Winteriada-2003" Baikal Nordic Games Festival Closing Ceremony
[2003-04-07] The official closing ceremony of 1st International "Winteriada-2003" Baikal Nordic Games Festival was held in Baikalsk in April 5. It took place at Alpine Downhill Skiing Center decorated with Winteriada-2003 balloons and flags. The ceremony attacked participants, government bodies representatives, sport fans and spectators.

Across Lake Baikal on Horseback
[2003-04-04] In March 3031, Winterida hosted a unique expedition horseback ride across lake Baikal ice surface. This had been the only horseback ride of 100 miles on the ice in Russia and in the world as a whole. Two people participated in this adventure Dmitry Govorukhin and Ulyana Mazelyauskaite. Dmitry Govorukhin guides tours to Lake Baikal. He took part in lots of distant expeditions and started the first horseback riding tours at Baikal. Ulyana is a 6th grade school student from Irktusk.

Open Paintball Championship Baikal Winter Cup
[2003-03-24] In March 22, Paintball Cup had been started at "Trud" stadium in Irkutsk. The competitions lasted for two days the first one for novice and another one for professional paintball teams from all over Russia. Nikolay Sobolev, coordinator of Russian Paintball Championship, refereed the games.

Ice Climbing Championship
[2003-03-17] In March 1516, Irkutsk Region Open Ice Climbing Competition was held in Irkutsk within 1st International Winteriada2003 Baikal Nordic Games Festival. Participants included teams from Irkutsk, Angarsk Shelekhov, Usolye-Sibirskoye and Kemerovo.

BaikalKamchatka2003 Ice-Fishing Championship
[2003-03-17] In March 16, ice fishing competition took place at Small Sea area of Lake Baikal. Participants included 23 teams from Irkutsk region (Irkutsk, Angarsk, Cheremhovo, Usolye-Sibirskoye) and Alarsky region of Ust-Orda. There were one women team and one childrens team. Unfortunately, fishermen from other regions of Siberia and Russia could not attend the competition. But they were already willing to apply for the next year contest. Fishermen from Norway, Finland and Sweden may also come next year.

Husky Dog Sledding Race
[2003-03-12] Dog sledding race was held in Linstvyanka in March 8, a day of Winteriada opening. Two sleds depart from Baikal Center for Dog Sledding. Boris Sobolev drove a sled with lead dog Jazz (champion of Russia), and another musher Oleg Tyuryumin a sled with lead dog called Zvonok. The course went across the lake Baikal ice surface to Angara river headwaters and back.


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