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BaikalKamchatka2003 Ice-Fishing Championship

In March 16, ice fishing competition took place at Small Sea area of Lake Baikal. Participants included 23 teams from Irkutsk region (Irkutsk, Angarsk, Cheremhovo, Usolye-Sibirskoye) and Alarsky region of Ust-Orda. There were one women team and one childrens team. Unfortunately, fishermen from other regions of Siberia and Russia could not attend the competition. But they were already willing to apply for the next year contest. Fishermen from Norway, Finland and Sweden may also come next year.

Ice fishing contest had got very strict rules. The competition lasted for three hours (arbiters keep a watch on this). The ice was marked out to three areas (of 400 meters) for each member of the team. Fishermen were not allowed to cross other participants area. A number of holes in the ice within the area was not limited. Fisherman could use his own lures and maximum of two fishing-rods. After lighting a flare participants started drilling holes in the ice and fishing. When another flare was launched fishing stopped and arbiters weighed a catch and counted fishes caught (in case of equal weight).

The Lenok club of Irkutsk Association of Hunters and Fishermen was the first place winner in a team tournament. The team of Irkutsk Tram & Trolley Depot ranked second and the team from Alarsky region of Ust-Orda was third. Alexey Parygin (Irkutsk Tram & Trolley Depot team member) ranked first in individual competition having caught 4.4 kilograms (12 pounds) of fish. Sergey Maas (Babr-3 team, Angarsk) got the silver prize and Victor Volgin (Irkutsk) got bronze. Alexey Parygin won an ice hole drilling contest. It took him a record time of 38 seconds to drill the hole in 1 meter 30 centimeter (51 inch) thick ice.

Alexey Bazhenov (Sarma club, Irkutsk) caught the biggest fish a 500 gram (1.34 pound) perch. For the first time in last three years a participant (Anatoly Sol from Irkutsk) got Baikalsky omul of 350 grams (1 pound). Sergey Gorokhov (Lenok club) caught the first fish at fourth minute since the start.

Organization committee presented the winners equipment prizes: ice augers, backpacks, electric lights, thermos flasks. Besides that children received special prizes Japanese-made fishing-line.

Roman Ishenko, chair of Siberian Baikal Tourism Association, told that this kind of competitions assist in developing winter tourist infrastructure at Lake Baikal. Retreat lodges originally intended for summer season were adapted to host tourists in winter as well.

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